How To Solve A Security Problem In Printers

A security problem in printers can be problematic if the origin is not known. In this post, we mention the most common cases and propose practical solutions.

Six security problems in printers

The security attacks can be multiple and arise from within the company or from outside by hackers specialized. In any case, knowing the possible security errors is a way to minimize the damages that can be generated, especially from a preventive perspective. In the vast majority of cases, if necessary measures are taken, the possibility of attacks will be reduced to the minimum expression.

For this reason, we describe the six most common security problems and, also, the most effective printing control measures to improve service and avoid risks. Finally, we indicate why it is convenient to outsource the document printing service to a specialized company.

 Alteration of ‘firmware.’

The firmware is the software that provides support for the printer to work. Although it is easy for a user to obtain it on the manufacturer’s website, it is relatively easy to modify it from the outside if they have computer knowledge and, in this way, the device is disabled. This is a subtle form of hacking, but very effective.

For this reason, having an encryption system that avoids these situations is essential. A provider specialized in these services has what is necessary to prevent this situation.

 Do not collect impressions

This is a fundamental error, but many workers do not receive the documents they print carelessly and leave them in the inbox, with the consequent loss for the company if it is sensitive information. It happens with a particular frequency that some document remains in wait when it is going to print and, as it takes more time, the worker does not remember that it has stayed in the inbox.

Although we know that it is something obvious, we can not fail to remember that we must collect all the documents at once and even take into account what is going to be printed so as not to forget.

 ‘Malware’ or malicious ‘software.’

Computer attacks can be of various types, and the implementation of malware or malicious software is a problem because the user could lose effective control of the device. One of the most common damages is that the hacker can access the information of the printed documents. It is also possible that this malicious software will damage the device.

As a general principle, it is advisable to install a defensive security system that prevents these attacks, and we recommend asking for advice from a specialized company.

Unauthorized access

It is customary in home computers will use a single key access per person. However, in computers belonging to a company, it is common for a printer to serve several computers. If there is no access control, it is relatively easy for anyone outside the company to use a device for which they do not have express authorization.

Preventing access by unauthorized persons is essential and, for this reason, the implementation of identification systems is fundamental. So only the people who want to use it can use the printer, and a company like us can provide the necessary infrastructure.

Espionage during the transfer of information

Printers are usually sent information from the computer, sometimes via wifi. In this process, a third party could intercept the data of the documents that are posted, performing espionage tasks. Although this circumstance is sometimes inevitable if the information is filtered from within the company, there are ways to control the leaks and avoid the intervention of external agents.

In these cases, it is essential to check the scope of the printer and, above all, that an individualized password with a username is necessary to access.

Indexing printers

Although it is a relatively rare case, sometimes the information of a printer is intercepted and indexed in specific search engines; This means that any user could access the IP or the location. Although it doesn’t have to be due to a malicious intervention, they are data that do not have to go beyond the public.

Strengthen the security and privacy of the device is the best option to avoid significant evils that harm us. If we outsource the service, there will be professionals who will perform periodic maintenance to detect possible security failures.

Control of printing costs

Anticipating any security problem in printers is very important because, in the medium term, we will save time and, consequently, money. In  our company  we provide companies with an integral service of printers to control printing costs because the outsourcing of the service means that we do not have to worry about breakdowns or maintenance. Find out now about the benefits it can bring for your business to outsource printing services.